Comprehensive range of Deadweight Testers

We supply a comprehensive range of Deadweight Testers and Calibration equipment to a wide range of industries, we have over 25 years of experience in the instrumentation business and are always happy to discuss your requirement.


Hydraulic Deadweight Testers

DOS001 : DOS0015 : DOS0008
Oil Deadweights

Our oil operated deadweight tester range offer accuracies from 0.01% to 0.008%. This is a multi purpose deadweight tester for
industrial and laboratory use where the weight set is transferred into a pressure unit.

Gas Deadweight Testers

DGS001 : DGDP001
Gas Deadweights

The oil lubricated / gas operated piston of the DGS series is specially designed to have
superior performance at higher gas pressures without the problems of other types of pistons.

Gas Pressure Controllers

GPR200 : GPR200D : GPR200SP : GPR-S120
Gas Controllers

Gas pressure regulators are used to control and fine regulate gas pressures. They are
necessary in combination with gas deadweight testers, but can also be used for other calibration purposes.


Deadweight Tester overview - the primary standard!

Deadweight testers are the basic primary standard used and its principle is world-wide accepted for the most accurate measurement of pressure. No other piece of equipment for pressure measurement can match the stability, repeatability and accuracy of the deadweight tester. It is ideal for calibrating pressure transducers, pressure gauges, transfer standards, recorders, digital calibrators, etc. and can also be used to measure directly the pressure in systems and processes
where precise measurements are important.

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